Thursday, 13 March 2014

Trucks are like buses...

You know how I said I needed a lot of trucks for my Finnish project? Well, funny story...

On pay day I decided to order a couple more of the 1/72 Valiant resin Ford V3000 trucks - the same model I used to make my V3000 conversion - and so I went up on the Rapid Fire! web site to order them. I plumped - a bit extravagantly I thought - for 3 which I likewise intended as more victims for my patented 'cut and shut' conversion method.

Well, during the order process I was interrupted and I closed the browser (by mistake) and so when I came back I thought 'bugger, I will have to start the process all over again'! Though this time I was more frugal and decided I would make do with just two V3000s...

A package arrived for me at work this morning....

Oooooops! :D

...In a way I wish I wasn't so bloody pernickety about matching the style of my models (hence all the conversions) as these one-piece 'ready to roll' models are lovely. Like The Moonlite model that I am currently butchering it's almost a shame to hack them up.

If anything this latest batch is more sharply moulded than the original one I ordered. The detail on the bonnet and cab is far more crisp...

...Ah well, on the bright side I have solved my Finnish truck shortage...Big style! :D

(Postscript: As I now have so many, I am tempted to paint one up as is just to see what they look like and to see whether I can paint reasonably realistic 'fake' windscreens!)


  1. Classic!

    I think you can now try 5 different types of windscreen's.

    1. :) I am a burke, honestly! Thing is, if I try and explain this to the wife she'll say 'yeah, of course it was an accident'! LOL

      I've come up with two different ways of how I can do the windscreens - without resorting to my convoluted 'cut & shut' method - and I am searching to see if there are any other ideas out there on the web. :)