Sunday, 11 August 2013

ISU-122 decal & pin-wash

Having had to wait some time for the decals I wanted - some Soviet style numbers - I finally was able to get this project underway again. The decals I ordered were by Plastic Soldier Company and were generic Soviet armour markings that could be used on most types of WWII Red Army tanks...

These were quite cheap and I'm afraid it showed when they arrived as they were of that thick glossy type of decal that I have had bad experiences with in the past. Still, I persevered and used MICRO SET to adhere the decals and then once they had dried I did my best to bed them down smoothly with MICRO SOL.

MICRO SOL gently dissolves the carrier film of decals and settles them onto the model's surface. It is usually used to make transfers conform to uneven surface details - such as panel lines or raised surfaces - but in this case it served to thin the decal down so it wasn't so prominent.

Once done it was onto the pin-wash...

I used AK Interactive's enamel wash as I find it is of just the right consistency right out the bottle and I like the slightly greasy dark-green/brown colour it produces.

This is actually the very first stage in the weathering process as I start to create my war-weary and battered tank. So the next step is to start to lay on some lighter surface streaks and grime, then some scratches and rusty patches. Finally I will add some very light dry-brushing on the highlights and raised surfaces and then the chipping.