Saturday, 8 March 2014

A curio from history - BA Beutepanzer

I was sent a very interesting photo from 'Pierzisme' - who follows my model-making exploits on Flickr - of a BA-10 and a BA-20 armoured car which was taken sometime during World War 2. While there is plenty of photographic material of these Soviet armoured cars what makes this such and interesting snap is that - like my BA project - it shows captured examples of these vehicles.

Coincidently and most curiously, while this photo shows the very same combination of ex-Soviet armoured cars as I am currently modelling, unlike my Finnish examples these captured machines are being put to use by the Germans!

Many thanks to Pierzisme from passing on this picture.


  1. I read somewhere that the Germans used them for anti- partisan duties.

    1. That does sound familiar. They were very useful vehicles, indeed in the 1930s there were among some of the most advanced armoured cars available. For armed policing they were probably ideal.

      The would have freed up more modern German designs for the front where they were needed, I guess.