Friday, 7 March 2014

Always sleep on it, then things aren't as bad as they seem

Sometimes - I guess - you think you have spoilt a model, things just get out of control and the more you try to save the situation the worse you make things. This is how it felt last night with my BA armoured cars.

I was tinkering with the last weathering stage and - on paper - there wasn't actually that much left to do as I had already decided to go easy on the wear and tear effects. Even so, things got messy - literally - as I tried to add a smattering of mud. But, oh I *wasn't* happy, not one bit!

It's not the fault of the product I was using, I was using Tamya's 'Weathering Stick' effects - 'Light Earth' and 'Mud'...

I like this product because it's like a cosmetic approach to applying effects, I *guess* they are like women's eye-shadow or foundation (not that I have a lot of experience in this area)! What I mean is that this medium is a soft 'cream' and always remains 'live' (it doesn't really dry), so it can be spread about, blended and wiped off.

The two sticks I have work together well and nicely represent 'dry' mud and 'fresh' mud. But this didn't help me, I was having a nightmare where everything I did didn't seem right.

HOWEVER...I slept on it. And I also did a very useful thing - I took a couple of snaps on my iPhone to record the stage I was at and check what the 'failed' effects looked like through a lens. What a good idea this turned out to be (and I will do this more often)!

When I got up this morning I sat down with my mug of tea and opened my Flickr photo gallery page...And do you know, things weren't as bad as I thought! What do you think?

Anyway, there you go. If things look like they are going badly, stop! And sleep on it - things might not be a bad as you think.

Next: I'm starting to work on the model bases - designed for the Rapid Fire game rules - and I also will be making the headlights. Nearly there!

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