Thursday, 6 March 2014

All washed up! Soviet armoured cars.

It's time to put the techniques I practised on my little T-34 to good use. Having sprayed on my 'dust' layer I now apply a pin-wash to my Finnish armoured car company...

I am using AK Interactive's enamel based 'Dark Brown Wash for Green Vehicles'. I prefer this to my initial attempts at pin-washing where I used black. Black is too harsh and makes it look like you are drawing an outline around everything, by contrast AK's brown wash has a nice greasy hue to it.

When applying the pin wash I have found using two brushes helped - one thin brush to apply the pin-wash itself and a second clean brush dipped in thinners to clean up mistakes and tidy up wonky lines.

Next I will start to apply he chipping - but I want to go easy with this and won't be adding too much rust either. From what I have seen in reference photos the Finns seem to have taken quite good care of their equipment. Perhaps because it was in such short supply.

So, just some light wear on the most vulnerable parts - like the edge of the fenders and parts that had the most use (like doors and hatches).

Oh! Nearly forgot - what's next? Well, as we are nearing the end I must start on the bases for these models.