Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tanks of the Scottish Republic!

Oh I am a very happy camper this morning! :)

Basically, my Finnish Army project - while it has a long way to go - is pretty much planned out and so I have been mulling over what I might like to do when it's eventually finished. I'm planning well ahead because one of the issues I identified with my first experience of building a wargame themed project was the amount of research I need to do to do the thing properly. (I've made a lot of mistakes and had a few false starts with my Finnish project.)

Anyway, I had a few vague ideas but nothing really grabbed me 100%. I vaguely fancied an Inter-Wars project, and I sort of liked some of the 'British Civil War' fantasy rules that are knocking about and I have enjoyed reading about the Spanish Civil War...But then all these ideas came sharply into focus and amalgamated this very morning when I was absentmindedly perusing the Minairons Miniatures blog...

They have started doing markings for some of their kits for a hypothetical Scottish Republic!

...BAM! I'm sold!

I'll have to do some more reading - I'd like to know what game rules they are basing this idea on, or whether it could be worked into other 'British Civil War' rules - but to will give me a chance to build some of Minairons wonderful inter-war designed tankettes, so that's great!

Update: I just saw that Minairons mention the use of the VBCW ('Very British Civil War') rules in conjunction with their 'Scottish Republic' themed models.

Quote from Minairons: "In this case, the (still unfinished) vehicle has been
painted as if an eventual post-VBCW Scottish Republic had been thrown into
WWII --on the Allied side, indeed. An unusual 5-pointed star pattern has been
chosen, so as the blue in it matches with that of the Scottish flag.
Well, I feel quite satisfied, to such an extent that I am now of to make a cup of tea!

Long Live the Republic!

> Link to Minairons Blog:
> Link to Minairons web site:

> Link to Solway Crafts, who made the VBCW rules: Very British Civil War Source Book

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