Sunday, 30 March 2014

Last thoughts tonight - how many Finnish trucks?

I'm starting to try and get a handle on just how many trucks I want for my Finnish army - using the Rapid Fire! rules as a guide...

This is just my first attempt at calculating the number of vehicles. I'm still getting to grips with the rules as there are some 'if' and 'or' modifiers AND my basic infantry may not actually have transport at all (quite how they get from A to B is beyond me so I've thrown in some light trucks...Just because)!

Update! I ordered the Bolt Action rules this morning (it's pay day, whoo-hoo) so it will be interesting to see the differences in unit composition between the two rule systems and what I can get away with to try out a small scale battle using my Finns. The Bolt Action demo video I watched the other day had minimal unit numbers - one tank, two infantry squads, an AT team and a command team - and so I'd like to try and get that sort of small team up and running soon if I can.

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