Saturday, 10 May 2014

Bolt Action - DIY Order Dice

I finished of my design for some Order Dice today and so had a go at trying them out on some of the blank dice I bought. I duplicated the designs onto the template I downloaded from the web site (each square design being 14.3mm square to fit into the indented side of the dice).

There are actually two slightly different designs on this sheet - the one highlighted above and a simpler less fussy one - as I wasn't sure how clear the illustration would be once I printed it out. I had a bit of a think about how best to stick the designs onto the plastic dice and decided to try printing the design onto some sticky labels!

I didn't really fancy messing around with PVA glue and lots of small paper squares. Also, I thought that these labels might be easier to peel back off again if I didn't like them.

The hardiness of these prints did worry me a bit and I considered covering them with some clear sticky-backed plastic to help protect them. We shall see how long they last in use.

The labels I used were large A4 ones so there wasn't an issue with lining up the paper and it went through my printer OK. Though I did have a problem with the printer driver I was using as I couldn't seem to change the print quality and it went through as 'normal' instead of the higher quality I wanted (I will have to Google this to see what the problem is). :(

Still, they weren't too bad and the sticky label worked really well. The other way I could have done it was to print them onto a glossy photo paper and cut and stuck these on. Maybe I will try this and also see if I can solve my printer problems.

Next: On to my German Order Dice designs then I will post up the templates so anyone who likes teh designs can download them.


  1. Oh wow. I printed mine onto paper, and had to use PVA to stick them onto the dice.

  2. Any chance you will make the templates available to the public?

    1. Yes, I'm just putting together a couple of PDF documents for these and them will upload the links to this site. SHould be up early next week. :)

  3. Like you idea for customizing the dice, can please ask you where you purchase the dice from.
    thanks for sharing info.
    cheers John .