Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Back from holiday! Where do I begin?

Well, back from our trip to the Highlands and while this means back to work (boooo!) it also means trying to remember where I left off with my model making.

Actually, this might be a very good opportunity to sort out a proper plan for my current Finnish Army project. Not really knowing what I am doing - never having done this before - my creation of my first 1/72 war game army has been ad hoc and very unfocused. I've jumped from one interesting bit of modelling to another as I felt like it with the consequence that I have half a dozen half-completed projects on the go at the same time.

So, time to stop and take stock and to create a proper strategy for tackling my jumble of incomplete projects in some sort of logical order.

The good news is that now that my wife - a school teacher - is off on holiday for the summer she has finally tackled the clean up of her office and the dumping ground in the attic which is where my new purpose built modelling space will be. Up to now I have been making and painting my kits on a small tray in front of the telly in the front room! :)