Saturday, 15 March 2014

1939 Chevrolet conversion - Part 4

Just a quicky as this work is still 'in progress'. I have finally begun work on the front grill, with the side panels in place and any gaps filled I am applying the strips of plasticard that will make up the grill slats...

I'm applying these little strips - the smallest styrene square rods I can get off the shelf locally - by eye, using the back of my scalpel blade to 'measure' a uniform gap between the strips. However, I have already worked out that I will fall short with the number of slats that I can fit on my grill.

The real grill has 17 slats in it, at best - using my method and materials - I'll get about 13. So if any rivet counters are reading this...Sorry! :)

Very interesting shot of a '39 Chevy in Finnish use. Unfortunately I will have
to simplify my detail and just go for 'the look' of a '39 grill instead. But I like
the use of gas masks - perhaps as makeshift 'black out' cowles.
[Picture source: SA-kuva.]
Still, I am quite happy - it certainly seems to be developing the right 'feel' and is starting to look like the right Chevy now. The big question now is whether having finished the grill and bonnet details completely I should send this piece up to my brother to be duplicated in resin? Will I want any more '39 Chevy trucks? Copies of this piece may well be worth having 'just in case'.



  1. Nope, were I in your shoes, I totally would not get more cast (for purely personal use of course... *whistles nonchalantly*)

    I mean what if you were to get a mad urge to do the Winter War at a later date, when those pre-war Commercial trucks would be even more important! ;)

    1. Yes - definitely 'for personal use', as I don't fancy having to re-make the grill every time I do this! :)

      Good point about the WInter War.