Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Pin-washing my guinea pig!

I'm quite enjoying painting my little 1/100 Zvesda T-34/41 weathering guinea pig. There's no pressure, if I make a mistake it's a 'learning experience'. But, actually, it's turning out quite well (for me).

It's very interesting doing a diddy 1/100 model, but one thing I notice is the scale effect of paining - for example, although I know my airbrush isn't the very best it's moderately fine spray, which looks OK on a 1/72 model, does start to look a bit 'spluttery' on a 1/100 model.

Likewise, my ham-fisted pin-washing - which I can get away with at 1/72 - looks a little slap-dash at the smaller scale. Of course, finer brushes would help in this instance.

I don't know how modellers who do even smaller scale stuff - like 1/600 - manage. My eye-sight simply wouldn't allow me to do that sort of thing.

Anyway - all this, of course, is in aid of my larger 1/72 Finnish armoured car project as I practice the weathering techniques I wish to use on this T-34 first. So, having done the pin-wash I am nearing the end - I will now be working on some of the fine detail, highlighting and chipping effects.

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  1. Great work. Your comments about 1/600 are kind of funny, because that's what 1/35 people always seem to say about 1/72!