Sunday, 30 March 2014

Quick Ford V3000S (G198TS) - Part 4

...Not happy...

A quick project shouldn't mean a badly planned out project. That's what I've learned. Unfortunately I fell into that trap and just launched into my 'quick v3000' without thinking it through before I started and I've made several boo-boos as a result.

The above picture shows my V3000 midway through it's paint job, the biggest disappointment is the tilt canvas which I really should have base-coated with a canvas (buff) colour right at the start. This is after my second wave of weathering touches but my lack of a clear plan has me adding effects quite haphazardly.

I am trying to be more focused now and have slowed down a bit, but the next important stage - tiny as it is - is to insert a little driver! Now, remember that my cab is a cheat and only half excavated so I had to just use a spare figure cut in two and I will be using just the top half of that, from the chest upwards...

It wasn't a very good figure model, and my painting is a bit slap dash but I am hoping to hide some of these failings once I insert the transparent plastic windshields. All I wanted was to give the impression that there is a driver in the cab, as a wargame model I am banking on nobody looking that closely!

So, the next stage is the tricky one, cutting out the windows - so I will start with a  few paper templates first to get the right size and shape. I'll also be making a quick base, but as I have done a post about how I make these already I shan't go into that again.

Next: (Hopefully...) The final touches and completion.

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