Monday, 3 March 2014

Dusty Finnish armoured cars

Well, having satisfied myself that I was happy using AK Interactive's weathering medium I got down to applying AK's 'dust' to my BA-10 and BA-20 armoured cars...

The advantage of this enamel effects wash - when applied over a thin varnished layer - is that you can blend the 'dust' layer using a brush which has been moistened with some thinners...In this way you can get a nice streaking effect if you want it.

I gently airbrushed the dust on concentrating at the bottom of the vehicle. Once dry I carefully wiped a broad brush - with a touch of thinners - down the vertical surfaces.

(I decided to do the 'dust' effect *before* the pin wash as this sprayed on layer would obliterate any panel line work I had done during pin-washing.)

NEXT: Pin washing.

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