Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Quick Ford V3000S (G198TS) - Part 5

I wasn't going to post this as I thought this was only a small job. But when I thought about it this bit of the project is actually a critical part of the whole concept behind this model.

At it's heart this model differs from a simple solid one-piece ready to roll resin model because it is no longer solid or one-piece and because it now has a cab-interior - of sorts - and a windscreen! And it's the transparent windscreen that is the feature which helps bridge the gap between a wargame quality model and my other plastic multipart kits.

I know...You can't really see the windscreens. Honest, they are there!
Oh, the masking tape is so I don't get greasy fingerprints on my paintwork.
I created paper templates first and then cut each windscreen to fit individually, carefully sanding them to fit. Then I glued the transparent plastic in using Formula '560' glue - which I think dries clearer than normal PVA (it's marketed as 'the world's best canopy glue').

The Fordwerkes V3000 (G198TS)  - built at Cologne and Berlin during the war - seem to have been built with a single/one-piece main windscreen, but the Finn's V3000s seem to have been American made versions which had a split windscreen [I believe that the V3000s built in Holland prior to the war had the split screen as well, so when you see a Wehrmacht V3000 with a split screen these are likely captured Dutch trucks].

A real Finnish V3000.
The upshot of this is that - once the glue has dried - I will add a small plastic rod down the middle of the windscreen to 'make it Finnish'! I am also considering adding tiny windscreen wipers - just for the hell of it! :)

Next: Nearly there! Just the base and the re-weathering of the canvas tilt to do.

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