Friday, 4 April 2014

Quick Ford V3000S (G198TS) - Part 6

Oh, so close to finishing...It's annoying I have to work, I cold have done this whole model in a couple of days straight I reckon instead of small bits at a time over the course of a week. Still, I managed to find some time last night to get the canvas tilt weathered and the base painted...

I used a mixture of chalky mediums for the canvas. The base coat was a sandy colour, I then applied a shadow colour to this using some Humbrol weathering powders (medium brown) and then the highlights were done with artist's conté crayons. I then blended the highlights into the mid and shadow colours so there was a subtle gradient of shades, smudging streaks of highlight across folds in the canvas.

Powders and chalks can look a little gritty in texture, which although nice for a texture like canvas can be a bit too much. BUT I was glad to see that when I sprayed the canvas with some matt varnish - too fix the powders - the grittiness disappeared and the whole effect was smoothed out.

The base is OK-ish, but I need a lot more practise making realistic earthy textures. I think I will add some small stones for variation and maybe some longer grass. I really like the work of Piers Brand and I am kinda following his wonderful examples for inspiration...

A lovely example of Piers Brand's work, I like the way - among other things -
he does his bases. You can see more on his blog: World War 20mm

Well, that's about it really. I just have to fix the truck to it's base and properly photograph the final result (the above snap was taken with my trusty iPhone). I've enjoyed this project and have worked out a few ways I can do it easier and better when I do the remaining two V3000s for my Finnish Jaegar company.

...My mind now turns to my next victim! :)

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