Thursday, 17 April 2014

On holiday in Edinburgh

Up in Scotland now, visited Edinburgh today and have my Bolt Action game with my brother tomorrow night. BUT, I managed to subtly guide the wife from her Princess Street shopping to Lothian Street and...

Ta da! The Holy Grail of modelling shops (in my opinion). I have been buying kits from Wonderland models (online) since I started my new hobby and they always seem to have something surprising and unique. Well, the online store is nothing compared to the Santa's Grotto that awaiting you behind these doors!

...Only down side is that I am a bit skint (typically), so I made do with a good mooch round - getting ideas for future purchases - and spent what I had on a wee pressie for my brother.

What caught my eye was the 1/72 'Russian log cabin' sets by Pegasus. I am thinking about battlefield scenery for my Finnish Continuation War project and these wooden houses look just the thing.

If you get up to Edinburgh do what I did and convince her that Lothian Street is the 'best way' to get to the posh girly shops! :)

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  1. Surely everyone knows that the best way to Princes Street is via Lothian Road? That said, I've not been to Wonderland in over 20 years!