Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hello World! And welcome!

I'm not really fussed about 'stats' for my blog, as you can probably tell from my style of writing I mainly write my posts for myself (as records of how I did stuff or as a sort of 'thinking aloud'). But I do know, and am very pleased, that I do have a handful of regular readers (you know who you are, and thank you very much).

BUT...I happened to glance at my stats today and I am quite amazed at the wide variety of world citizens who - for whatever reason - pop in on my little blog!

Here's a rundown of where my visitors mostly hail from:

1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. Germany
4. Australia
5. Canada
6. France
7. South Africa
8. Ukraine
9. Finland
10. Chile

Wow! This has really put a smile on my face. I can't really afford to visit all these wonderful places in person, so it makes me feel kinda nice to think that I'm 'visiting' them virtually! :)

While it's a bit unfair to single a country out I think everyone with forgive me - and understand - if I give a special 'hello' and 'welcome' to my visitors from FINLAND!

Obviously, as Finland has provided me with my main modelling preoccupation at the moment I am really flattered that Finns are visiting - I just hope I am doing the subject justice.

I really appreciate EVERYONES' visit, and I sincerely thank you for coming by. I am really happy about this. :)

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