Monday, 14 April 2014

Operation KMA - Part 5

Tonight I only had time to put together some of the fire teams from the PSC Late War German Heavy Weapons set...

I am trying them out on paper bases so I can work out what size of plastic base I will make for them. 40mm disks seem to be the way to go (I wanted to use a standard size for all the fire teams). The one exception to this will be my sniper team - but base size is the least of my problems here.

There are no sniper figures in the Plastic Soldier Company German infantry sets. So I will have to make a sniper and his spotter - not good news at this stage (with just a day left to complete this project).

I've picked out some existing figures from my PSC and Revell sets that might be suitable as the basis for a quick conversion, but none of them are ideal...

I may just have to fudge this team - just for the demo game - and then find something more suitable later.

Anyway, on a more positive note, my brother has been very busy putting together our demo game battlefield. He's made some nice little features, lots of cover - which is very important in Bolt Action (I am told) because of the 'line of sight' system...

Tomorrow: Last day, I have to have everything finished and sprayed grey!

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