Sunday, 27 April 2014

Painting PSC's Late War German Infantry - Pt. 2

It's been a bit of a figure-fest (that sounds wrong) this weekend and I got my 1/72 PSC Late War German test figures finished...

I got a lot out of doing these two models, it was very good practise and will make things a little easier when I undertake the job of painting the two full squads I have sitting on my workbench!

These Germans will be the first of my two Bolt Action practise armies - I intend to build a little American force to oppose them. Just a couple of infantry squads, some fire teams and a couple of vehicles.

So, why not 28mm you ask? ...Simple - cost!

I don't want to fork out large sums on a 28mm Bolt Action army until I know what I am doing. These 1/72 fellows were a minimum outlay as I already had them in my stash. Yes, the Yanks will add some cost but nowhere near the same cost as the equivalent 28mm force.

At this stage it's simply more important to have a couple of armies with which I can learn the Bolt Action rules and try out a few test games. At length I will decide on which army I fancy making in 28mm (I am toying with a British 8th Army force - in honour of my Dad).

Of course, all this figure painting is very good practise for my Finnish Army project...Which is what I will be turning my attention to next.


  1. Your painting skills are excellent!!

    1. Many thanks, I am lucky in a way - because I don't play wargames regularly (yet) I have the luxury of having all the time in the world to paint my models. But I still have lots to learn, especially about highlighting and painting very small details.

  2. Flippin fantastic work on these two Stephen.

    Top notch!

    1. Many thanks Paul, I appreciate this as I am finding these harder to do than painting vehicles!