Sunday, 6 April 2014

Whoa! What's going on this morning?

The flurry of necro-posts is due to the fact that - inexplicably - I neglected to finish off my quick build T-34 kit reviews (all the way back in 2011). I only discovered this when I reactivated my T-34/85 tank model for my Finnish army project and went back to read some of my old posts.

The quick build comparison is now complete - to cut to the chase the Pegasus T-34/85 is the best of the bunch (despite it's lack of track tread detail). But I concluded that the quick build winners were:

Early war T-34s: Armourfast
Late war T-34/85: Pegasus

...BUT, that was in 2011 and as noted in a post I did a couple of days ago Pegasus has recently produced a early war T-34 now. It's a T-34/76 and it would be very interesting to see if this would wrench the T-34/76 quick build crown away from Armourfast (though this would still leave Armourfast with a  very nice T-34 Model 1943).

In case you come across this post by accident, here's a link to my now complete T-34 quick build comparison review: Four T-34 'quick build' models compared

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