Friday, 18 April 2014

Operation KMA - Part 7, the big day!

Friday! At last. This should be very interesting.

I suppose - technically - my Kitnoob blog isn't quite the right place for my 'Operation KMA' Bolt Action reports (I'm thinking of using my Milgeek gaming blog instead), but there are aspects of war gaming that are very pertinent to modellers. Yesterday and this morning, for example, I have been thinking about scenery and modelling buildings.

Ian, my brother, is way ahead of me but - for the sake of expediency and limited finances - we've been looking at downloadable printed scenery. Luckily there are a lot of online resources for paper scenery - thanks mostly to the Railway modellers - and Ian has put together a nice mock village for us to fight over tonight...

Obviously, there are drawbacks to using paper buildings from a war gaming point of view. Figure models can't enter these buildings, so I have been thinking about making a little building that I can remove the roof of. Just as a test.

To be honest architectural models have always interested me and so it would be fun to see what materials work best to create realistic looking scale buildings.

Anyway, off to do some shopping as an army marches on it's stomach so I best get some munchies for tonight! :)

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