Sunday, 13 April 2014

Operation KMA - Part 4

Sunday night and progress is predictably slow. I may just get all this done for the deadline on Tuesday night (we drive up to Scotland on Wednesday morning).

Tonight I got my infantry squads based and completed my command section and got those based too...

Inexplicably, neither the 1/72 Plastic Soldier Company or the Revell German infantry sets include an identifiable commanding officer figure! I suppose that as late war German infantry models you could argue that the officer's uniform might be less obviously different from the other ranks, whereas during the first half of the war the officers' uniform was markedly identifiable. But still, to not even include one figure wearing an officer's visor cap seems a bit strange - so I had to make my own!

Errata: I made a mistake, there IS an officer figure in Revell's late war German infantry set. The problem was that he was kneeling, which is why I discounted him as I felt the commander should be a standing figure. So there you go.

It's a simple and rather crude conversion, I simply took the very nice officer model that came with Zvezda's 1/72 German Regular Infantry set and cut it in half and mated it to the legs from one of PSC's late war German infantry. The Zvezda figure is a particularly dashing one, I think, and makes for a rather fetching command figure.

Finally, I quickly assembled my Armourfast Stug...

Now, tomorrow night I need to concentrate on making my fire teams - light mortar, medium machine gun and sniper team. I'll base the support weapons on 30mm circular bases, but the sniper team might be better on a rectangular base as they will be prone.

Tuesday night will be spraying night!

...I hope! :)

Meanwhile, in Scotland, my brother is experimenting with his homemade scenery. He's also made a very nice looking printed paper church...

Looking good! Can't wait to see the completed battlefield that he's been putting together.


  1. The German Officer looks like a good pose. I`ve done head swaps but never torso and legs. that's an inspiration.

    1. Cheers! :) - To be honest it was easier to hide the cut at the top of the legs than it would have been to hide surgery at the neck. And it was a lot less fiddly.

  2. Replies
    1. Aw, cheers. I was just lucky that the body posture suited the stance of the legs so well. The legs are from the PSC Medic, I just went through the available soldiers until I found a stance that suited.

  3. I will be absolutely stealing your officer conversion. That is fantastic. Torso swaps take me back to my Star Wars Miniatures conversion days. Also, I just put together an Armourfast StuH 42, and love it. Very simple, but still looks good. I may invest in some of their StuGs too.

    1. Steal away James! The Zvezda figures are very nice - but they are early/mid war and I wanted late war. My brother fancies a post D-Day/Battle of the Bulge type game.