Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Finnish infantry v.2 - test squad

I've picked out some figures from the Pegasus Soviet infantry in summer dress set to act as guinea pigs for my Finnish infantry. I particularly liked the poses of these figures; four rifle infantry, an NCO with SMG, a sniper and a soldier with an LMG...

There's a bit of variety here as aside from the individual soldiers the LMG will be have to be mounted on a larger custom base and the sniper will have to be part of a two man team (I have to find a suitable 'spotter').

I really like the sniper, it's a fantastic pose - I may try to pop on a scope - but I will have to read up to see if there are any Bolt Action rules that specify the exact size of bases for teams and crew served weapons. Really looking forward to doing these, but also a bit nervous as I've only done a few figures so far...

Next up: Basing the figures.

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