Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Operation KMA - Part 6...Finished (sort of)!

Typically, my last day at work before my holiday was a frantic one and I didn't' finish until late. So I didn't get everything I wanted to do completed and I don't want to pull a late night. This will have to do...

My fire teams didn't get painted, and neither did a couple of my infantry that I was still cleaning up (I'll maybe get these sprayed if I get up early tomorrow). But whether they are painted or not won't affect the game.

One thing I am rather pleased about tonight is my sniper. I found a figure - a Revell one - that I liked the look of and exchanged it's head with one from the PSC German infantry set. It wasn't a big job but I really like the resultant pose...

Of course I need to add a scope, but - again - I can do that when I have more time. I may also add some camo to the helmet.

But that's it - it's all I can do tonight and tomorrow I'll be off to Scotland...Let's see how my little fellows play Bolt Action! :)

Meanwhile: The enemy forces gather! Ian has his little American army in a similar state of readiness - neither of us had time to do a full paint job, but the opposing forces are suitable identifiable...

Ian's Yanks are a mix of Airfix and Revell soldiers and the tank is Armourfast. Looks like we are ready to start learning the Bolt Action rules. Roll on Friday night!

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