Monday, 21 January 2013

What next?

Don't really have anything to show today - it will take a few days now to get all my base painting done and the windows installed on my V3000 so I'm just starting to think about what to do next.

I guess I'm a bit trucked out after my V3000, so fancy a change, here are my options...

  • Citroen 45 1.5 ton troop truck for my Finnish HQ (Engineer Company).
  • GAZ AA light truck with 20mm AA gun emplacement for the Finnish HQ.
  • Break from vehicles and start my 'Finnish Air Force' (1/144 Me109G).
  • Complete break from Finnish project and do a 'quick build' (I have a rather nice Pegasus SU-152 in my stash)!

Yeah, I know - the first two involves trucks again...Anyone any preferences? :)


  1. I'd go for the '109. Shall I dig out my 1/144 Finnish aircraft?

    1. Oh of course you should! :)

      Because this is just an experiment I am only collecting 3 aircraft for my 'air force'. The Me109G, of course, a JU-88 and a Lysander for my observation aircraft.

      As I understand the Rapid Fire! rules, each model represents 6 aircraft EXCEPT the observation plane which represents a single recce aircraft.

  2. Maybe the GAZ AA truck, although I think you've had enough truck work the past few weeks!

  3. I'm with Tim, lets see some aircraft action!

  4. I do like the GAZ - these old fashions Ford based truck do look very nice, but I have to admit I'm rather excited about having a go at an aircraft. The last plane kit I made was a WW2 Japanese float plane way back in the mid-1970s when I was still at school. :D