Sunday, 27 January 2013

Painting an Me109 at 1/144 scale

Tim Gow from the MegBlitz blog pointed out that my looking at larger scale models for inspiration for a 1/144 isn't all that constructive as the differences in scales meas that a completely different treatment is needed. Here's a really nice example of one of Tim's small Me109s...

The basic camo scheme shown is a similar scheme to some of those used by the Finns (RLM 74,75,76, with splinter camouflage pattern on wing/upper surface and mottled pattern on the side).

Luftwaffe paint desciptions:
> RLM 74: Green-gray
> RLM 75: Purple-gray
> RLM 76: Light-blue

Now I'd imagined I would approach my 1/144 kit the same as my 1/72, with spray paint and masking, but as soon as I opened the Eduard kit box this morning I realized that Tim had a very good point about painting techniques and scale.

1/144 is small! Until I got that lid off I hadn't realized just how small.

Trying to apply complicated masks - tape or Blu-Tack - to something this small might not be viable, Tim prefers the good old fashioned brush method!

Edit: I found a really nice - if somewhat over-the-top paint tutorial for Eduards's 1/144 'F' Me 109 over at the ARC Forums. I am NOT going this far - but it's fun to read.

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