Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Valiant resin ready-to-roll models

I was very pleased with the Valiant V3000 resin model I received over Christmas and so I ordered a couple more to play about with. I bought the Fiat 626 truck and the Citroen light truck...

As with the V3000 one-piece resin model I intend to chop these models up in order to combine them with some plastic kits so that they fit in with my current project. While it does seem a shame to hack up these lovely models they do offer me a relatively cheap way to make some hard to get hold of vehicles that I need for my Finnish army.

If I make another war game army I would be very happy to use these Valiant ready-to-roll models, they are not only nice looking but they are an easy way to put together a fleet of vehicles quickly.

I particularly like the Fiat 626, it's a pretty hefty block of resin! The detail is really nice considering it's a one-piece moulding...

This will be the basis of my Volvo B12 radio truck build...Hopefully. I will use the cab of the Fiat and build the chassis and back of the bus from plasticard. The Citroen is not quite as nicely done as the Fiat but still isn't bad for just £5.95...

In this case I simply want to add the bonnet to a cheap plastic kit of the Soviet Gaz 5 to add a bit of variety to my Finnish army vehicle fleet. Again, it might seem a bit of a waste but what can I say...I like to tinker!

As with the V3000 I bought these from the Rapid Fire! UK store, but they were marked as being from Valiant Miniatures.

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