Sunday, 6 January 2013

Building a Rapid Fire! Finnish Army HQ - Part 4

Designing the HQ formation
I am a visual sort of guy, so I sketched out this unit organisational chart to help me get my head around exactly what I need to do to build my Finnish HQ...

This isn't a complete inventory of what you could collect to make a Finnish HQ under the Rapid Fire! rule set, simply my preference for this unit.


  1. what are you using for Finnish infantry?

    1. Unfortunately no one does Finnish infantry in WW2 *summer* dress in 1/72. So I am having to make up my own by converting the nearest equivalent. You have two options - just cheat and use 1940 German infantry or with a bit of work you could make something more realistic. I chose the later and bought the PSC SOVIET INFANTRY IN SUMMER UNIFORM.

      The Soviet summer uniform is a light weight uniform and doesn't have a lot of webbing, just like the Finns. Plus the Finns used the Russian Mosin Nagant rifle and the PPsH SMG looks similar to the Finnish Suomi KP/-31 SMG (at this scale anyway).

      But this does leave you with having to modify helmets and alter the uniform a tiny bit.

      The helmets are easy, the big PSC Soviet helmets can be easily filed down to make reasonable Czech, Italian or Swedish helmet type which was used by the Finns. Or with a bit more work it can be changed into a German helmet.

      To add variety, if you buy the PSC German Heavy Infantry Weapons set you can mix and match to add some of the German weapons that the Finns used, like the Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck. You can also pinch some of the German heads and use the helmets and field caps (which the Finns also used).

      If you search for my post on making 'WW2 Finnish infantry figures - Part 2' you can see my first experiment in doing this, and it's passable. Hope this helps.