Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Lucky day! Academy Opel Blitz bargain

It must have been my lucky day today. Having posted my intention to put together my 'cut and shut' V3000 truck model I found a very nice 1/72 Academy Opel Blitz model at my local discount store for just £4.25!

I had a quick look over the components and it looks pretty slick, it should match my Model Trans V3000 resin cab upgrade really well.

Additionally, the same store was selling off it's Armourfast models at just £3.95 each! So I couldn't resist picking up some T-34s at the same time.


  1. You sure are lucky, that thing sells at my local hobby shop for 22.99$ ( about 14.99 gbp)!

    Have fun with it!

    1. Cheers FF. I've never had an Academy kit before but the package looks impressive. I'm tempted to go back down to the store and just buy up some more stuff for my stash while the prices are low. :)

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