Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Eduard 1/144 Me 109 G-2 - Part 2

Undercarriage up!
I mentioned that I was going to do some work to the undercarriage in order to model it in a realistic up position. Well I finished this off last night...

I also did some filling while I was at it. But you can see how the struts and wheels now look like they are in the correct flight position with the wheels laying under the struts. To do this I had to excavate out nice little alcoves inside the wheel wells so that the wheels looked as if they were under the struts. This involved scrapping away with the point of my scalpel until I had two suitably shaped indentations.

Of course this is just one way to do it, and it sort of belies my display modeler's ambitions rather than a war game modeler's practicality.

Wg Cdr Luddite, in a comment on part 1 of this project, pointed out the war gamer's approach quite succinctly...

"Don't worry too much about the undercart. The simplest way for a wargame model in 'flight mode' is to throw away the kit parts and just fill the recess with putty. (no one is ever going to look at the underside of aircraft during a game)."

...Er, oops, I suppose I could have done that really! Du-oh! Well I am a Kit Noob. LOL!


  1. Coming along nicely. My view on landing gear for wargaming is quit the same as the WGCMDR.

    Keep at it.

    1. Cheers Paul. I'm feeling my way around with war game models, so I still have a lot to lean. Luckily I have been getting a lot of advice from more experienced modellers like WGCMDR. It's really appreciated as hopefully it will cut down the number of time consuming diversions I make! :)