Thursday, 3 January 2013

Featured work - Erhan's desert Stalin

While I wait for some upgrade parts to arrive for my Airfix JS3 Stalin project I am keeping an eye out for good examples of this tank in Braille Scale to motivate me. Erhan - from the enjoyable MiniAFV blog - has put together a Trumpeter JS-3 in Egyptian colours and it looks great...

The Egyptians used the Stalin 3 from 1956-67 and this is a period and theatre of war that is increasingly gaining my interest. Whenever I finally do manage to get my Finnish WW2 army completed I would like to start working on models from the Middle East wars, particularly ex-Soviet AFVs.

Check out Erhan's desert Stalin here: MiniAFV - Trumpeter 1/72 Egyptian JS-3 Tank (by Erhan)

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  1. Many thanks for your featured work.
    Erhan-miniafv :)