Saturday, 5 January 2013

Feature dilema - a medley of models

Usually I feature just one particular work, but there's a lot of fantastic stuff out there are at the moment so I've decided to do a medley of featured models today.

Let's start with Özgür Aydın from MiniAFV - I do feature MiniAFV work a lot I know, but that's because these guys make a lot of the same models that interest me and they do go through thier build process in detail so you learn a lot from reading thier posts (great for a noob like myself). Today they have posted up a very nice Zvezda T-34 (1943)...

One of the things I like about this is Özgür's Russian Green. Something I found out recently is that the original WW2 Soviet green paint - 4BO - had a a fair amount of yellow in it and Özgür's paint mix reflects this nicely. I wish I had an airbrush as my 'green out a can' approach is never quite right.

Next is Darkbirk's 'what if' Sturmhaubitze StuH 45. I like Pegasus Model's series of paper panzers - well, some are paper (drawing board) designs and some are late war prototypes. Once again, aside from the nice model making, it is Darkbirk's diorama and photographic skills that I enjoy...

Finally, I couldn't resist featuring this wonderful competition piece from Rob Ferreira. Rob's 'Egyptian JS-3 Stalin' really recreates the desolate scene of carnage that followed one of the Middle East wars. I believe the Israeli's had a hard time with the Egyptian JS-3s at first, finding that the thick frontal armour bounced many of their standard weapons. But the Israelis persevered and eventually the Egyptians lost a large proportion of their JS-3s...

The weathering on this model is just amazing and I would love to recreate a 'dead tank' like this at some point. The bare metal with it's slight sheen of surface rust to the burned engine deck are realistically done. Simply amazing.

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  1. Stephan, Sir, thanks a lot for pointing us (and me) to this extremly elaborated egyptian "Stalin". And yes ... thanks a lot for havin my StuH 45 on your blog.
    Hope you are fine these days?
    (aka Darkbirk)