Thursday, 24 January 2013

Kit post tennis with Megablitz! 1/144 aircraft

This is quite funny - Tim Gow (from the Megablitz Blog) and I are now engaging in blog-post tennis. In response to a post I did here he has replied with a post of his own - Ilmavoimat (Finnish Air Force). So not to be out-done I am featuring his post here!

It's all to do with 1/144 aircraft and using them as the air element of a 1/72 war game army. I recently bought a couple of planes to form the air contingent of my Finnish WW2 army, but Tim has already collected a wonderful array of Finnish types...

Above: Tim Gow's brace of Finnish fighters were made and painted by 'Wg Cdr Luddite'.

As soon as I have finished (no pun intended) my current V3000 truck I shall be having a crack at my Eduard 1/144 scale Me109G in Finnish colours. Inspired by Tim I shall be incorporating the circular transparent prop spinner.

PS...I guess 1/144 isn't technically Braille Scale is it...Or is it? But what the heck. :)


  1. Tim owns these models, but I made them. If you require any advice on modelling 1:144 scale aircraft just ask Tim to forward you my contact details.

    1. Hi there! I noticed Tim mentioned you were responsible for the lovely Finnish air fleet he has. Really enjoyed looking at these. Thanks for the offer of advice - I'll need it! :)

  2. Kit post tennis? I like the idea of that!