Monday, 14 January 2013

Featured work - Chris Steadman's 1941 Chevy truck

Being into trucks at the moment I was delighted to find this wonderful model of a early war Chevorolet truck. This seem to be a US lend-lease export for the Soviet theatre, but the Chevy stake trucks were also exported commercially during the immediate war period to countries like Finland.

Chris has done a great job with this 20mm resin war game model from Dave Reasoner's Moonlite Modelwerks range. I particularly like the weathering and the slightly rusty/muddy cargo bed...

Moonlite Modelwerks 1941 Chevrolet stake truck
Above: One of three photos of this nicely done model from over at The Society
of Gentleman Gamers forum. Source link.

Unfortunately I can't find out much about Moonlite Modelworks, they don't appear to have a web site and the only way to get their stuff is by emailing them directly for a catalogue. But I am going to give this a go as this Chevy is a beauty and depending on the price may be another potencial victim of my 'cut'n'shut' technique (poor thing)!

Once again I am left cursing myself for not planning my Finnish army in 20mm instead of 1/72 - this would have made a terrific addition (and I am so god damn pernickerty that I can't stand to mix scales and ready to roll models with plastic kits)!

If you would like a copy of Dave Reasoner's Moonlite Modelwerkes catalogue you can email him at this address: EMAIL MOONLITE

Also, you can view some more of Moonlite's models on this post by Peabody over at the 'Peabody Here!' blog: Radio! Radio!...

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