Saturday, 26 January 2013

Features work - Jari's Finnish Me109G (1/48)

Once again this is a bit of research for my forthcoming 1/144 Finnish Me109G. This beautiful 1/48 scale model has more detail than you can shake a stick at and as such is over-kill for my tidgey plane project, but it has an excellent scheme...

Above: Jari's Finnish Me109 G-6 as piloted by the ace Nils Edward "Nipa" Katajainen.

Jari has actually done a couple of Finnish Gustavs, a G2 and a G6 version, and either is expertly rendered in a very subtle airbrushed manner which is beyond my blunt spray can daubing!

At the moment I am scratching my head trying to figure out how to achieve that mottled camo. I figure the BlueTac method of masking out areas you don't want sprayed maybe? So the body and wings all over dark grey, the BlueTac mask the mottling, and then carefully spray the light grey up the sides of the body until it blends into the dark grey at the top...

Or something like that. :)

Links to Jari's very well written posts on his two Finnish 109 model builds:

> Me109 G-2: Maj. Eino Luukkanen (56 kills total, 32.5 in this aircraft).
> Me109 G-6: Nils Edward "Nipa" Katajainen (36 kills).

Jari's Modelling Pages

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  1. Deeply impressive as they are, I'm not convinced that studying large scale models necessarily helps when painting in 1/144 scale. I freely admit my own standards are pretty low, but I think a decent 'mottled' effect can be achieved by brush painting progressively darker shades while leaving some of the previous colour(s) visible. My scruffy old Revell Bf109 shows this approach.