Thursday, 21 February 2013

WTM 1/144 Fieseler Fi 156 Storch Pt. 4 - Decals

Making the most of my sick day at home I rattled together the decal and weathering stage of this model. One change I have made from my earlier plan is to apply a camo pattern...

I came across this scheme online, it represents a Finnish Storch - ST-112 - from 1944. As this is the period of WW2 I am interested in for my Finnish war game army I couldn't resist applying this pattern to my Storch.

I'm not doing much more to this model, simply making the fake 'flying' prop and making a new stand for it. Hopefully I will have this in the bag at the weekend.

If you ask me which I enjoyed making more, the Eduard 1/144 kit or this ready made conversion I would have to say the kit. In the end there were lots of niggling little rough edges to this 'off the hanger' (pun for Tim) model. But I realise this model does fulfil my requirements for a war game toy.


  1. Stephen, Sir, this Storch is just lovely. DO like what ya did in this fiddly scale. Let it fly.

    1. Hey there! Many thanks, I'm enjoying these little planes...I think I will do another one after this. :)