Tuesday, 19 February 2013

WTM 1/144 Fieseler Fi 156 Storch - Part 3

Olive Drab coat
One of the good things about converting ready made models is that I feel less obliged to fiddle round adding extra detail and what not. So things are toodling along nicely with this one. First things first, masking the grey lower surfaces and choosing a suitable Olive Drab for the uppers...

I have made a series of green paint swatches and I chose what I think is the nearest match for the reference material I have - Humrol's No. 30 Dark Green spray (on right).

I still haven't got my new airbrush running yet - I want to try out a few learning exercises first - so it's business as usual with my rattle cans.

So, at this point I have the base coat down - a little light but passable - and I now have to touch in the fier details, such as the canopy framework, which still has it's original German tan.

Next: Touching up details and adding decals.

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