Sunday, 10 February 2013

More unfinished business - another Sherman

Having found my Airfix 1/76 M4 Sherman I thought I would have a rummage around to see what else I squirreled away until I got better at painting models. Well, surprise surprise, I found another Sherman!

This one was done after my initial Airfix M4 and I put a lot of what I learned about detailing into practise with this conversion. The base model is a Armourfast M4 which I pimped out with a lot of extra scratch built parts and some lovely third party decals (Bison's 37th US Tank Battalion, 1944).

Again, I stopped work on this because I knew I was not up to the pin-washing and weathering techniques at that point. Since then I have done several practice models specifically to learn about finishing off my models.

Funnily enough the part of this model I am most proud of is the work I did on the rear of the tank. Armourfast didn't include any hull details on the back - aside from a hatch - and the suspension, exhaust system and hatch hinges were absent. And so...

As with the Airfix Sherman the main construction left to do is to find a suitable way of improving the track treads (having a further rummage through my draws today for some donor tracks). After that it's just a matter of doing the pin-washing and weathering.

You can see the 'story so far' on this build here: Flickr - Armourfast (HAT) 1:72 Sherman M4

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