Friday, 8 February 2013

Eduard 1/144 Me 109 G-2 - Part 4

Making a stand
For once I've tried - very hard - to do something as simple as I can. Not easy as when I looked around to see how war gamers made thier flight stands I saw some pretty nifty - and relatively complicated - stands made from telescopic radio ariels and little magnets and such like fancy stuff...

Well, I've stuck me little Me 109 on a pole! :)

My one concession to my tinkering side was that I wanted to be able to remove my plane from it's stand so I could put it on a different height of stand, and so...

First of all I installed a thin rod into the bottom of my 109...

This would slip inside a hollow rod...

I made the base out of some transparent plastic (stupidly I decided to try and cut a circle - idiot that I am)...

I'll paint the rod sky blue I suppose.

Er, well...That's it really. I can change out the stand for something higher or lower, or if I bend the main rod I could have the plane in a dive.

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  1. That looks to be coming along nicely!

    1. Looking at your aircraft, Tim, I think I may have mounted my support a little to far forward (I used the hole intended for the drop tank for convenience). It's niggling me as the plane looks awkward so I may just move the support back a bit so it's more central (not a big job).

    2. I try to drill for a stand at or near the balance point of the model - makes them a bit more stable in 'flight.'

    3. Yes, I can see exactly what you mean. I've now moved the stand back a little, on what you call the balance point. Looks far better. I'll do this from the start with my JU-88 and my recce plane. It's handy to be able to go and check out your planes - I went back to check your Me 109s quite a few times.