Monday, 4 February 2013

Me109 G-6 research - I over-complicate everything!

Here's an amusing tale (sort of) - I've been desperately trying to understand the colour schemes for Me109s, in particular the standard grey pattern called RML-74/75/76, and have searched high and low for reference photos.

Well, I just happened to be trawling through my own Flickr gallery today and came across this snapshot that I took while I was visiting the fantastic Yorkshire Air Museum...

It's a Me 109 G-6, exactly the type that I'm interested in at the moment. Who'd have thought that I would find an example more or less on my own doorstep, let alone a photo I actually took of it myself!


Incidentally, I should add that the YAM is a 'must see' attraction if you find yourself in Yorkshire. I's very well laid out and has some unique 'museums with a museum', like the air gunners museum and the beautiful remembrance memorials (chapel and garden). Check out my full Flickr album from my 2007 visit:  My visit to the Yorkshire Air Museum


  1. You're right - it is an amusing tale! Doesn't the camo look much less complicated on the real thing than in photos?

    1. Too right Tim. What I took for a light grey underneath is a light blue after all, and the mottling isn't a soft edged or a small as I had thought either. Just goes to prove what valuable resources museums are for modellers!

    2. The museum paintwork is almost certainly quite recent and may not bear much relation to the original shades. Now I'm the last person I'd take painting advice from, but I'd go for a simple paint scheme with coulours which look right to you - given that your Bf-109 is a small model which will usually be seen from a few feet away. That's the excuse I use for dodgy models anyway...