Thursday, 21 February 2013

Airbrush Cleaning Pot

With something as tricky looking - to a beginner like myself - as airbrushing I think it's worth spending some time readying up on the subject and collecting together all te right tools for the job. The first thing that I thought when I bought my airbrush was 'I bet this get's mucky quick'!

The last thing I want is for a delicate piece of kit like an airbrush to get blocked up with gunk and to stop working, or spoil a nice paint job because of contaminated paint. So the first accessory I bought was a cleaning pot.

(I know - wow, I really talk about exciting stuff!)

At first I was going to buy the Revell cleaning pot to go with my Revell airbrush kit, but when I saw the price I decided to look elsewhere (it's been an expensive month). Good old eBay came up with a nice alternative - the '3 in One Cleaning Pot' (unbranded) - for 8 squids (worth paying if it protects my expensive kit).

I must admit I got a shock when it arrived the other day as I was expecting something a lot smaller (about the size of a jar of Doretto dip) and what I got was a small vase! :)

Anyway, you can get a sense of scale - and how to use the kit - from this very instructive video...

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