Sunday, 3 February 2013

Cheap Ford-Werke V3000 (Pt.9) - Cargo Pt.2

(Building a Rapid Fire! Finnish Army HQ Part 11)
Time to make a concerted effort to move this project on to a finished state (I'm so easily distracted)! I was working on the cargo for my supply truck, and my main problem was buying some scale oil drums that I wanted.

In the end I found a nice little cheap set of 12 HO/00 (1/76) oil drums made by Model Scene which cost just £2.48. But the main feature of this post is how I integrated my cargo into the truck which making the troop carrying ability still available should I want it.

I went for a simple 'palette' - making a piece of metal sheet that sits on the troop benches to provide a false bottom for my cargo...

I did try a plastic false bed, but that tended to warp and wasn't thin enough. Metal is more ridged and wafer thin. Next I had to collect my cargo items and where necessary cut the items down so they look like they are sitting in the cargo bed itself and not on top of on a higher false bed...

Hopefully my choice of cargo looks authentic enough, I did check out some reference photos and the Finns did seem to 'pile 'em high' and shift about everything from mail to food stuffs to spare parts and ammunition. I've just made a bit of a mix...

Well, there you go. Now to the painting of the cargo and the pin-washing of the truck itself.

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