Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Ongoing and what's next?

Just a little note to myself so I keep focused.

The two current jobs I'm undertaking at the moment are the 1/144 Me 109 and the 1/72 Ford Werkes V3000. But while in between work on these I am trying to source parts to finish off my two early attempts at Sherman tanks (looking for some better tracks which I put 'somewhere safe')!

Above: The current state of play with my V3000, I am about to paint the cargo, so
really I am not too far off finishing this one (whoopee)!

But what next?
Thinking about the next major project, I should crack on with my Finnish HQ Company and a have a few options which are already in my stash...

  1. Commanders staff car (Wespe Models Opel Kapitan conversion)
  2. Engineers truck (Academy Opel Blitz - nice straight build)
  3. Renault Light Truck & 20mm AA gun (Valiant resin plus Zvesda gun)

None of these are too difficult and where there is a bit of conversion work (the Renault) it is pretty basic stuff.

Anyone any preferences?

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