Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Eduard 1/144 Me 109 G-2 - Part 6

More painting (mis)adventures...
So you won't be surprised that my progress with this little project is crawling along at a snails pace. Looking at other model blogs you see projects that are done and dusted in a couple of posts...Well, not here. Today I present a change of tone on my Finnish Me 109...

I've gone gray. Not as pretty as the Luftwaffe RML 74/75/76 but closer to the Finnish subdued camo that I'm seeing in the available reference material...

Source: Antti Lappalainen

1/144 is a really funny scale to work with, it's like painting a bird house with a paint roller. I've learned a lot about how not to do things with this model and I want to do more. When I started I got some advice from Tim Gow of Megablitz to go with brushes rather than a spray - I now see why (as usual I like to understand why by experimentation).

This small scale requires no less planning than a larger model, and maybe even more as you have to understand what techniques do and do not transfer down from larger scales (again, something Tim pointed out to me).

I'm finishing this up with some more experimentation and just putting this one down to experience. Just too many new things going on in one project for my liking and I'm not satisfied with the quality of the job I've done. I've ordered a cheaper Zvesda 1/144 Me 109 F and have planned this one using what I have learned so far.

UPDATE: Egged on by Tim Gow...


  1. Stop beating yourself up (no pun intended...). It looks fine. Just slap on some markings and get it into a game!

    1. A good pun none the less! :)

      ...My problem is that I look at the paint job 4 inches away from my face! - When I remember to look at it at a decent viewing distance I think 'hmmm, actually it's not THAT bad!'

      Must remember that!

    2. I agree with Tim, it has come up a winner.

      I use the 3ft rule myself. Keep up the good work.

    3. Cheers Paul, I forget to put my models down and look at them from a decent distance! Another mistake I make is to judge them from my photos, which are obviously zoomed in so you pick up all the tiny detail. I will use your 3 foot rule in future! :)