Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day present!

Unexpected Valentines Day gift from my lovely (long suffering) wife...

I'm not quite sure she should be encouraging me...Unless what's she's saying is she wants to get rid of me even more?

A whole new world of being able to mix up exactly the colours I am after! :)


  1. You lucky &@(!!&$^(##.

    All my wife wanted was to give her the credit card...Give and take at its best.

    Take her out to dinner!

    1. I am very lucky! Dinner booked for Saturday night. :)

  2. I think Paul has spoken for us all!
    Good luck with the airbrush - I've always been a bit scared of the idea but I'm sure you'll be fine.

    1. Cheers Tim. This actually came about because I realised how much I was spending of spray cans! (And I was moaning to the wife.)

      Airbrushed scare me too, the first (and last) time I tried one was when I was at collage - I was a big fan of the sci-fi art of Chris Foss and decided to try to have a go. I pressed the trigger once, blasted paint all over my canvas and decided it was harder than it looked! :)

      My main impetus for wanting to try again is mixing colours. For a fan of Soviet AFVs like me getting the holy grail of the Russian Green is always on my mind. Typically just when I found a spray can that was close - Flames of War Soviet Armour Green - was when this product suddenly became unobtainable in the UK!

      My favourite spray can range is Humbrol - which I think is superior to Tamiya's sprays which are very thick and gloopy - but they never seem to have quite the right shade I am after (my Finnish Me 109 was a case in point).

      Hopefully by using this airbrush I will kill two birds with one stone. Get exactly the colour I want AND save some money.

      All I have to do is learn to use the darn thing! - For this I am going to do a quick and dirty Armourfast tank kit - no detailing - just bang it together out of the box and use it to learn about my new airbrush. I am thinking of trying out the Finnish 3 colour camo on a T-34/76.