Saturday, 23 June 2012

What the posty brought - Shellhole's Nimrod

Ohhh, look what the posty just popped through my letter box (it arrived with a very hefty thud)! It's the Shellhole Scenic's Hungarian Nimrod AA tank.

I couldn't resist posting up a quick snapshot of the parts (note that I partially assembled the turret) and while not wanting to pre-empt my in-depth review I have to say I am quite impressed...

I've still got a bit of a nagging resistance to white metal as a material for modelling though and despite this model being obviously better quality that Shellhole's earlier T20 (which I was scathing about) there is still some pitting in the surfaces. This may be my opportunity (or excuse) to buy and experiment with another product I have been curious about called 'Mr. Surfacer', which I believe can help smooth out uneven or damaged model surfaces.

But I'm not being negative, I'm actually quite happy with some of the nice detail that is already apparent on this model. (I should start getting the review together over this coming week.)

Note on scale: Basically I've no idea - this could be 20mm or 1/72, I can't find any drawings or dimension of the real tank online to make an accurate assessment. Hopefully I will know more by the time I do my review.

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  1. check this out: for dimensions