Thursday, 21 June 2012

Shell Hole Scenics Hungarian Nimrod

Above: L-62 Landsverk Anti II anti-aircraft tank from Anti-aircraft
Museum, Tuusula, Finland. Source: Wikipedia

You ever done that really embarrassing storming out of a house after cross words thing only to discover you have left your car keys or jacket behind and then had to timidly creep back in to retrieve them? Well this is kinda like that...

In my post about the Shell Hole Scenics T-20 artillery tractor I was hugely critical about the quality of their white metal kit and vowed I wouldn't buy another of their models...Er, well...

I mentioned in my Finnish Army post - Planning a Finnish war game army Part 2 - that I was stumped as to where to lay my hands on a  model of the Landsverk Anti II AA-tank. Well, Steve from the excellent Society of Gentleman Gamers forum got in touch and pointed me towards - you guessed it - Shell Hole Scenics! Bum!

Shell Hole Scenics sell the Hungarian Nimrod, which was a license built copy of the Swedish Luftvärnskanonvagn L-62 Anti II tank. This Swedish 40mm AA tank was also the basis of the Finnish Landsverk, and - as much as it pains me to admit it - the photo of this model on the web site kinda looks OK (and at £8.50 it is definitely the right price).

Photo: Shell Hole Scenics
However, Steve let me have a face saving get out clause (should I really want one). He also passed me a picture of a resin and white metal Nimrod made by S&S models. I think the S&S model is under a tenner too.

Oh how I hate to eat my own words, but I am tempted to buy the Shell Hole Scenics version - the tracks look better than the S&S one...

Above: Photo of the S&S Nimrod, made and painted by Søren Juul for


  1. As both a member of SOGGy & the owner of Shell Hole (Friend or Foe ) If you would like to purchase a Nomrod via the site & find you do not like the product I will give a full refund on return. Can't sat farier than that. Also would like to say the T20 was my first ever attempt at mould majing/casting some 12+ years ago

    1. I have to admit that I do do a bit of a instinctive reaction in my reviews, I am not an experienced model maker and can only really go on my gut feelings. As the Shell Hole Scenic's T20 is one of the few T20s out there I felt I owed it to other modellers who might also want one to give them my honest opinion...

      That all said, at least I admitted that I may have to eat my own words and give Shell Hole another chance and I do appreciate you posting up a comment (respect to you) with your generous offer of a refund if I am not satisfied with your Nimrod. I also take your point that it was an early attempt, so...

      I'll take you up on that and will give your Nimrod a fair and unbiased review when it arrives.

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    1. Very happy to be of use, just give me a link to your website when you are done. Cheers! Steve (Kitnoob).