Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Featured work - Scratch built MG bunker

Having enjoyed making my log gun emplacement so much I wondered what else I could do like it for my little Finnish army. So it was really nice to come across a tutorial on making a log MG bunker over at The Command Tent Blog.

I love the way that the roof is removable so you can place - or remove - the weapon and crew of your choice. I guess you can fit in a heavy MG, Panzerschreck team or light AT gun.

It's a really good tutorial and takes you through step by step and I will be giving it a go. Additionally, it's a nice little design which can be modified to make different bunkers - an observation post, AA position or mortar pit springs to mind. Or you could 'go large' and make a command post.

Check the tutorial out here: My Take On A Scratch Built MG Nest by Dan

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