Saturday, 23 June 2012

Featured work - Steve's Panzer WIPs

It's great to look at smart finished models, all decorated and weathered and photographed expertly, but I especially enjoy seeing works in progress. As a novice it's really useful to see how other modellers go about putting together or paint a kit, if only to confirm that I am 'doing it right' myself!

Over at the Regeln des Krieges blog Steve (the author) has posted up this terrific photo or a brace of Armourfast Panzer III/IVs going through his camo painting process. It looks like he hand paints the camo - rather than spraying which I have started to do - and I have to say he looks to have a very steady and expert brush hand!

As a graphic designer I actually like this clean flat painted stage, though as a modeller it's what he does next - during the pin washing and weathering - that's probably more exciting.

Check out his blog as there's loads of really interesting things to see - including some wonderful buildings: Regeln des Krieges - Keeping wargames simple!

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for featuring my work! It's great to know that the stuff I post is being looked at and is hopefully of some use to other modellers / gamers.
    You're qute right regarding the camo being hand painted. I find this a lot easier than messing around with airbrushes (I'm not a big airbrushing fan). Next step will be to give the models a wash over with a well diluted modellers ink and then they'll be left to dry thoroughly before being dry brushed in a lighter shade of the sand coloured base coat. This calms the bold camo colours down and also picks out the angles on the armour etc nicely.
    Anyway, thanks again for posting this. Much appreciated and stay tuned for more updates.
    All the best,