Thursday, 14 June 2012

Featured work - Paul's Hungarians

Co-incidentally Paul from the Plastic Warriors blog has posted up his WW2 Hungarian infantry. Not only is this interesting because - like my Finns - they represent another of Germany's allies but Paul has also chosen Revell's 1/72 WW1 Germans as a base for his Hungarian figures.

Left: Revell's WW1 German Maxim group - one of the very nice items in this set.

These soft plastic Revell Germans are exactly the same set that I bought with the intension of converting them into WW2 Finns. As it turned out - and despite the fact they are very nice figures - I changed my mind and went for PSC's hard plastic Russians instead. Isn't it interesting how we both considered the same solution to a slightly different problem?

Paul's Hungarians look smashing though and mix well with other makes like ESCI and Airfix and he has chosen some really nice poses. Take a look at some of the terrific photos over at Plastic Warriors.

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